Your opportunity to touch spiritual wisdom 3:23

Welcome to your guided meditation retreat.

These guided meditations were lovingly recorded by Colleen-Joy to support the deepening of your spiritual reality, your peace, love and wisdom.

Feel free to change the order, repeat or skip any meditations. This is your retreat, your path, so trust your intuition to guide you to give yourself the gift of self-care, rest, restoration and self-realisation.

Many students like to follow the suggested meditation order and REPEAT the same set of 8 Guided Meditations the next day. Many students also enjoy using fasting or intermittent fasting to deepen their connections (if their health allows).

  • You will see an option to CLICK PLAY (to stream your audio)
  • and or DOWNLOAD the MP3 file to play from any device.

We suggest that you use headphones or earphones for a more intimate, connected experience of the space you create.