This is a direct path to use your natural intuition to realise your nondual true self

This step-by-step course helps you to use your intuition (attention and intention) to transform the pain of the belief in a separate self into the enlightened freedom of knowing yourself as ordinary nondual awareness.

  • Start with understanding the key role of intuitive attention and intention
  • Fully understand what awareness is, and how it is not a property of your body or soul senses
  • See the root of suffering as the belief in being a separate self
  • Question your identity as a separate self seeker
  • Awaken to the true non-dual self
  • Take deep restorative rest as the self
  • Say yes to enlightenment

Leave the insecurity of belief for direct knowing

With Colleen-Joy as your guide learn to use your natural intuition, so that you don't need to believe any spiritual teachings, now you can test and discover the truth for yourself.

Embody and live the enlightened truth of who you are.

A well-trained intuition can help you to live your enlightenment.

Natural Intuition
Understand your Intuition

By understanding your natural intuition, you will see that you have everything you need to directly discover nondual reality and

See through the Separate Self

To understand non-duality we need to see the belief in a painful separate self. Learn to meditate to see through this illusion.

Self Soul Source

Many nondual teachings skip over or ignore the role of the soul. Learn how the Self, Soul and Source relate and where you are in the mix.

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  WINTER - Suffering
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  AUTUMN - Questioning
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  SUMMER - Being
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  Enlightened Wisdom Well Method
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"Even in times of Stress & Suffering, it's possible to access your soul's wisdom and guide others to do the same."

Colleen-Joy is an author and spiritual teacher who has taught over 35,000 people in 60 countries, delivering over 4,000 classes and talks.

She has worked with some of the world’s spiritual thought leaders, including best selling author Dr Michael Newton author of Journey of Souls, serving as a board director for The Newton Institute.

She shared a stage with Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God, who, after hearing her speak, said, “You belong on an international stage.”

Colleen is best known for her Wisdom Well Way meditation method, and InnerLifeSkills Master Coach internationally accredited Certification programs.

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“Colleen-Joy is a masterful spiritual teacher, whose teachings are in the league of the power and simplicity of Byron Katie’s ‘Work’ and the deep insight of Debbie Ford, enabling others to find enlightened wisdom.” 

~ Debra Stevens Robins, Editor Odyssey Magazine

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