"How To Offer Intuitive Support" 4 WEEK VIDEO + MEDITATION COURSE

We can support others without saying a word. Learn to tune in to the highest, wholeness and truth that is deeper than mind and personality to enlighten.

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Whatever we focus our attention on, we are tuned into intuitively. Whether we are conscious of this or not.

  • If we have our attention on someone's pain, we are playing the song of their pain in our body-mind.
  • If we have our attention on someone's truth, we are playing the song of their truth in their body-mind and our own.

Right now more than ever, there is collective fear. It's key to be able to tune-in deeper, to support ourselves and others.

This is a call to all intuitive spiritual souls to stand in their wisdom.

I want you to learn how to tune in...

To wholeness rather than lack.
To the Soul rather than the personality.
To the non-dual real Self rather than the separate Self.

One of the great gifts of my life, has been learning how to tune in to the soul.
To support my children, my loved ones, my students and clients.
I have seen miracles happen because of doing this.

It can be so painful to watch others suffer and feel powerless to help

But there is a way to support while still respecting the destiny of others. This intuitive method brings silent comfort.

And if the highest is being served, can also call miracles into reality.

To tune in intuitively to support others is to:

  • Offer the songs of truth through your presence alone.
  • Tune in deeper than the surface of mind and personality so that you are not burdened by others pain (this does not make you cold, but it does offer compassion and peace).
  • Connect to the soul and self of all people, which transmits to their body and mind increased love, peace and strength.
  • Be a presence for enlightenment in ordinary life.

Be a beacon of light in an ordinary life.


Intuitive work is often focused on trying to pick up information about others, to prove oneself as an accurate intuitive, to impress or to validate intuition. These can have value and do have a place, but there is so much more that can be done with intuition. I used to call this doing intuitive party tricks. And after years of offering party trick readings, they lost their appeal because they didn't offer depth or wisdom.

Most intuition training methods:

  • Serve the ego, (even "spiritual intuition) and tends to reinforce the separate self along with its suffering.
  • Include fear based, superstitious thinking like needing to "protect yourself" when opening intuitively.
  • Focus on visualization methods which can actually be a barrier to accurate intuitive knowing.
  • Ask you to "trust your intuition" - instead of asking to you remain discerning, and to check intuitive impressions with reality.
  • Don't include a non-dual approach or even know of a non-dual reality - which means we are still looking through lenses instead of knowing the seer, we are focused on the seen.

When I was a teenage protégé psychic, I realized very quickly that we can be accurate psychics and still lack wisdom.

Being psychic does not make us wise.

But we can use natural intuition as a wonderful tool to support ourselves and others. And I feel it is essential for non-dual self-realization.


We can use the same beautiful natural intuition that we all have, and use it to serve the soul, to tune in to wisdom, and even as a critical tool for self-realization.

I'd love to show you how to:

  • Tune in to the deeper truth of all appearance, which is always non-dual peace, love and wisdom.
  • Support others and yourself without needing to say a word, by tuning in deeper than the surface personality and mind.
  • Access your direct knowing, rather than needing to rely on unreliable and tricky visual impressions.
  • Not "trust your intuition" - but instead trust your discernment and self.
  • Include a non-dual approach and know non-dual reality - which resting attention and tuning in to the the seer, instead of the seen.

This is my invitation to you...


  • Gain an understanding of how to use your natural intuition to tune in to others to support them.
  • Don't get stuck in visualizations which can be limiting and even misleading.
  • Cultivate your Direct Knowing, so that you have access to the most immediate accurate intuitive information.
  • See how to tune in deeper than the personality, pain and mind so that you don't carry others pain.
  • Have your body and mind transmit the songs of truth, love and peace even in the chaos of modern life.
  • Let go of outcomes to be equal to and not use intuition to try manipulate for the ego.
  • How to set an intention to tune in to the Self of all beings, so that your body-mind are transmitting enlightenment without effort.

What this Course Includes:

  • The structure of this course includes 4 WEEKS of teachings, meditations and mindfulness exercises and a recording of a LIVE SATSANG (2 hours).



Taking you step-by-step through using your natural intuition to support your self and others from a non-dual spiritual perspective.

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Your Instructor


Colleen-Joy is a loved teacher who has given over 1000 presentations worldwide, from New York to London, Singapore to CapeTown. She is also an MCC Coach and 3 times published author.

  • Founder of InnerLifeSkills® Master Coaching Certification Courses which have the highest ICF ACTP accreditation.
  • 2 feature documentaries were made about her life
  • Worked with Dr. Micheal Newton (author of Joruney of Souls) for several years as an assistant trainer and board director in the USA and UK.

Neale Donald Walsh, the international best-selling author of the Conversations with God Series, said after hearing her speak, "You belong on an international stage."

At the age of four, during a procedure to remove a tumor behind her right eye, she had a near-death experience. This experience gave her a glimpse of what Colleen calls "home" and describes as 360-degrees of peace, love, and okayness.

Colleen talks about being free of the body, being free from the suffering of having a deformity on her face and being free from crippling shyness.

Soon after recovering in hospital, she became homesick for the peace, the love, and the freedom she had experienced. She describes it as going from a beautiful paradise where there is no fear, no limitation, and then climbing into a tiny box of this reality and life-losing paradise.

By the age of 14, her longing for home drove her to consider following the exit sign of suicide, but in a dark night of the soul, a peaceful presence asked her to “Choose a reason to live that was bigger than the pain.”

She chose to live to find “Wisdom” and dedicated her life to this pursuit.

Colleen-Joy is a Contemporary Mystic.

If you don’t find her teaching online every week, you’ll find her driving her muddy 4×4 to wild places in Africa. Her heart is never without the presence of the redwood forests of San Francisco, Rumi's poems, the dialogues of Sri Nisargadatta, the direct path teachings of Rupert Spira, and the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh.

Follow her on @colleenjoypage

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May you offer intuitive support with your presence, to bring love, peace and truth to your world.

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