Guided Meditations to gift yourself with a 2-day Spiritual Retreat at home

Download or stream 7 audio Teachings and 8 Guided Meditations to rest, restore and realise your true spiritual self:

Learn how to use Silence, Solitude, Surrender, Sanctuary, Service and Self-Enquiry to know your true self and experience nondual reality.

  1. Start your retreat with an 8 MINUTE "Waking Meditation" as you awaken from sleep to experience how your mind arises in the space of pure awareness.
  2. Enjoy a 25 MINUTE "Silent Sitting Meditation" to deeply experience your true being and true seeing.
  3. Go for a peaceful walk or sit in nature 16 MINUTE "Walking Meditation" to mindfully awaken to the self.
  4. Enjoy a 9 MINUTE "Attention & Intention Meditation" to mindfully enquire into the nature of the self, and to enhance your intuitive skills.
  5. Experiment with a 16 MINUTE "Focal Awareness Senses Meditation" to discern your true self as the space in which the subtle and physical senses arise.
  6. Bring your stress or suffering to heal with this 13 MINUTE "Sanctuary Healing Meditation".
  7. Mindfully eat using this 5 MINUTE "Eating Meditation".
  8. When it's time for bed use this 8 MINUTE "Falling Asleep with Intention Meditation" to use your sleep to serve your spiritual path.

"Even in times of stress & suffering, it's possible to access your soul's wisdom and guide others to do the same."

Colleen-Joy is an author and spiritual teacher who has taught over 35,000 people in 60 countries, delivering over 4,000 classes and talks.

She has worked with some of the world’s spiritual thought leaders, including best selling author Dr Michael Newton author of Journey of Souls, serving as a board director (2005-2008) for The Newton Institute.

She shared a stage with Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God, who, after hearing her speak, said, “You belong on an international stage.”

Colleen is best known for her Wisdom Well Way meditation method and InnerLifeSkills Master Coach internationally accredited Certification programs.

Walking & Silent Sitting Meditations

Be guided to meditate while you walk in nature to experience the reality of the nondual self.

Practice silent sitting meditation to deepen your spiritual connection.

Waking & Sleeping Meditations

Use our guided waking meditation to gentle greet your day with mindful awareness.

Before sleep, use our guided meditation to set intentions to rest deeply.

Attention & Sanctuary Healing Meditations

Teach your body-mind to focus attention, to practice subject-object discernment.

Bring stress or suffering to your inner sanctuary for support and healing.

Here is your Home Retreat Curriculum of teachings and guided meditations ~ enjoy the PREVIEWS

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“Colleen-Joy is a masterful spiritual teacher, whose teachings are in the league of the power and simplicity of Byron Katie’s ‘Work’ and the deep insight of Debbie Ford, enabling others to find enlightened wisdom.” 

~ Debra Stevens Robins, Editor Odyssey Magazine

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